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Our foundationals class focuses on the basics of functional fitness. We focus on high intensity cardio, body weight movements and light resistance work.

This class is designed for those who may have little to no fitness experience, and it is the perfect avenue to get their journey in to health and fitness started.  This is one of our most popular classes amoungst out local community, many of whom have never participated in any form of physical activity but are keen to embark on a journey to better their health & wellness. These classes are ideal for people of any age and every movement is scaled to suit your personal and physical ability. 


FuncFit Araura offers a wide range of classes and services to suit the various requirements of our community and visitors. Whatever your fitness level or background may be, we have the right class for you.


Our intermediate to advanced classes follow on from the Beginners, building on the foundational movements, focusing on more technically advanced functional movement. Our Funcfit class combines high intensity cardio, resistance work, weightlifting and gymnastics to offer our members a challenging workout that will help to build endurance and strength.


We recognise the importance of developing and strengthening your glutes and core, namely to improve athletic performance but more importantly to alleviate and prevent lower back, knee and hip pain or injuries.

These low impact classes are ideal for people of any age or physical ability.

Bums& Tums


Funcfit Araura is endorsed by the Cook Islands Weightlifting Federation to lead the development of the sport of lifting on the island of Aitutaki. We offer specialised lifting classes for those interested in developing their talents, focusing on technique and strength work.



Achieving and educating our locals about the importance of having a balanced and healthy relationship with food is one of our main focus points. We firmly believe that fitness and nutrition need to equally considered when guiding our clients to achieving their goals, whether it be to lose weight, improve performance in the gym or to improve on their general health and wellness. Therefore we offer specialised food guides, integrating local cuisine, to help educate our locals on how to fuel their bodies in the best possible way. We also work with local schools to offer nutritional workshops to our youth, to ensure we create good eating habits from the youngest possible ages.



To ensure we cater for the various needs and preferences of all our clients, we offer one on one Personal Training sessions, allowing our clients personalised and custom workouts to suit their abilities or limitations, helping them to achieve their goals in a private, professional environment.


We understand some people may not be keen to jump into a group session for whatever reason, therefore we have the alternative option available to them.

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